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When is my Birthday - DOB Calculator | Calculate Age From Date of Birth

This best free online When is my Birthday - Age Calculator tool, calculates your age in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, with some more extra details, based on given date of birth.

When is my Birthday - Calculator

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When is my Birthday - Age Calculator Free Online Tool

This is one of the best Age Calculator tools because, we have provided tools with almost all details like age in years, months, days, weeks, minutes, seconds, and next birthday,...

How to use this free Best Online When is my Birthday - Age Calculator tool?

As earlier mentioned, you can make use of our date of birth calculator without facing any hassle. You don’t need to take any training or memorize formulas to calculate your age with this age finder. The only thing you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: After accessing the tool, you will find a text field ie "Date of Birth" where first you have to enter your date of birth. To calculate age from the date of birth you are required to enter the date, month and year.

Step 2: Lastly, hit the “Calculate Now” button. The results will be displayed on your screen in a blink of an eye.

Note : Today's date is set by default by system. This field is not visible on the screen. So, you can not change today's date.

About this When is my Birthday - Age Calculator Google

Tool helps to find out the difference in time between two dates to calculate how old am i today. The result is displayed in years, months, weeks, and days. The birthday calculator provides extensive details like

  • Age in years
  • Age in months
  • Age in weeks
  • Age in days
  • Age in hours
  • Age in minutes
  • Age in seconds

With extra features like Number of days left for next Birthday, Born on week day name, Next Birthday week day name,...